Blue Print Schwinkowski

Although blue-print artisanry has a long tradition in the region, only a few masters currently are involved the the process. 

One of these is Thomas Schwinkowski, who took over the firm his father founded in 1966.  Thomas Schwinkowski has specialized in the production of table linens, piece goods, drapes, and individual clothing, for example, medieval garments of cotton, linen, hemp, and wool, but also clothing, shirts, farm laborer’s and Viking trousers, which are offered for sale there.  By arrangement, tours, courses, and workshops can be organized.   




Blaudruckerei Schwinkowski
Grünrathstr. 2, 07973 Greiz

+49 (3 66 1) 33 24
+49 (3 66 1) 45 29 75 2