Pottery Studio Ralf Naundorf

Ralf Naundorf established his pottery studio in the Umgebindehaus, which was built in 1756 in Waldhaus, near Greiz.  The artist, born in 1959 in Greiz, learned pottery artisanry „from top to bottom,“ and gathered numerous experiences in his year as a journeyman, after his apprenticeship.  In 1990, Ralf Naundorf went into business for himself in the neighborhood, with its attractive natural beauty.  His everyday tableware has roots in the regional rural traditions:  simple, unadorned, durable and strong.  Visitors are invited to come to the workshop, where Naundorf also offers courses and  presentations, and observe him at work at your leisure. 

Pottery courses are offered in spring and fall: 10 x 2 hours = 2,50 € per person and hour. A day’s course for six to eight persons, per hour  = 15,- € (plus material for clay, glaze and energy of 3 EUR)


A pottery course transforms a child’s birthday or other festivity into an especially rewarding experience. 



Töpferwerkstatt Ralf Naundorf
Waldhaus 1a, 07987 Mohlsdorf

+49 (3 66 1) 43 21 08