The Theater of the City of Greiz

The Theater of the City of Greiz, with its more than 100 years‘ history, is located near the city center, and offers its guests a broad spectrum of performances.  With an average of 56,000 visitors each year, the theater can be viewed as not only a geographical center, but a cultural center for the city as well. 

The audience’s interest has focused mostly on modern performance types such as shows, musical reviews or cabaret, which occur in the large hall, with its 533 seats.  The palette extends from multi-vision slide shows, operas, operettas, to musicals, folk music, tap dancing, and many other offerings.  An overview of the current program, and future performances, which may be expanded in the future, can be obtained via the Internet, at or by the program, which appears monthly in print. 

We not only offer culture to our visitors, but we also provide high-level comfort to round out their visit to a performance through our Theater Cafe and our Theater Restaurant. The small hall, in Neo-Classical style, with 70 seats, also serves as our Theater Restaurant, and is used for more intimate performances such as Lieder evenings, cabaret, but also the popular Senior dances, under the motto „You must be 20 again occasionally.“ 

The main stage is also used sometimes for performances, for example for the annual student theater days, rock concerts, or small art exhibits.  The close proximity of artist and spectator creates a special theatrical flair.  


Opening Times of the Theater Office

Monday through Thursday 9 a-m. - 18 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Evening cash 1 h before beginning of performance


Theater der Stadt Greiz
Stavenhagenstraße 3
07973 Greiz

+49 (3 66 1) 62 88 0
+49 (3 66 1) 62 88 28