Greiz - Pearl of the Vogtland

The current county seat of Greiz and earlier Residence City of the Princes Reuß Elder Line can look back over a rich industrial history. Besides the predominant textile industry, paper production, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, and wood processing companies have all left their traces.  The city of Greiz can trace its wealth to the pre-eminence of these industries, which is underscored today by the numerous villas built during rapid industrial expansion, and especially in the Art Nouveau style.  With extensive forests surrounding the city, the three parks located within the city, and the various commercial spaces available, Greiz offers attractive possibilities for economic development, trade, and commerce as well as relaxation and good health. As a county seat, Greiz possesses a partially overregional function as an administrative, cultural, and shopping center, as well as a medical and educational center for the area.  A cooperative relationship exists with the neighboring communes, offering additional possibilities for development.  It’s not just our guests who appreciate the well-known Thuringian hospitality and the high quality of life in the city.