Investing in Greiz pays for itself!

The City of Greiz has at its disposal numerous distinctive industrial and commercial locations.  The following industries predominate:  chemical industries, paper processing, the processing of renewable raw materials, general mechanical engineering, tool making engineering, electronics, high-tech firms (sensor technology, microchip production), environmental technology, synthetic materials manufacturing, plastic processing, wood processing, medical and sanitary technology, automobile supplier industry, printing production, two breweries, agricultural firms and processing of agricultural products, and all primary construction and secondary construction firms.  It is possible to locate your business in a fully connected industrial park, as well as in a developing commerical area or in the open space of revitalized industrial areas. 

1.-Industrial Park Goldene Aue: 11,6 ha – fully connected, price per m² 7,50 € 

2.-Commercial Area Greiz-Gommla: Possibility of  reusing already-constructed industrial halls   

3.-Revitalisation Area August-Bebel-Straße: Industrial hall available with 2.500 m² and individual floors; 2,6 ha open space

4.-Developed Commercial property offered by private owners For single and smaller locations, individual establishments are available. 

We will take you by the hand concerning all questions of location, support and financing.  The City of Greiz belongs to the Goal-1-Area of the European Union with the highest subsidy level of up to 50% and has Border Territory Status with regards to investment bonuses (up to 27.5%).  An extensive traders‘ network will satisfy your everyday needs.