The City of Zeulenroda

The city on the heights – with an historical city center, city museum, tropical swimming pool „Waikiki“ and the Zeulenroda dam. 

The City of Berga/Elster

with the Museum of Local History in the Spittel, the centuries-old oak (the landmark of Berga), City Hall with clock tower, Museum of  Local History and church in Wolfersdorf, sheeps-milk cheese factory in the Clodra mill, and the cultural square of Zickra

City of Weida

with the Osterburg (ancestral castle of the lords and Vögte of Weida), Renaissance city hall, Ruins of the Widen Church, Oschütz viaduct, forge und tannery "Friedrich Francke" and the Auma dam.


Farmer‘s museum with tools, clothing, linens, furniture and household goods, as well as historical documents. 


Praemonstranten Monastery


Veits Church, oldest existing covered wooden bridge, Monastery Mildenfurth and the Fairy Tale Forest. 


City park, palace, City and School Museum.

Bad Köstritz

Heinrich-Schütz House, former palace grounds and Köstritzer Park, Dahlia exhibition beds


Museum and castle ruins

City of Reichenbach/ Vogtland

Water tower (with view platform), Exhibition Magazine Textile, Neuberin-Museum and Neuberin House

City of Elsterberg

with castle ruins, Laurentius Church und Neo-Gothic city hall, nature reserve "Steinicht", Forest Pool and numerous hiking trails

City of Netzschkau

with Late-Gothic palace and Cow Mountain with lookout

City of Mylau

With castle Mylau and Museum, Neo-Gothic city church, Göltzsch valley bridge (largest brick bridge in the world), Ketzels Mill

Additional sightseeings and enjoyable destinations

Syrau: Dragon cave and wind mills

Brockau: Plauen Lace Company, C.R. Wittmann

Pöhl Dam: climbing wall, steamboat rides, swimming beaches

Elster Valley Bridgethe small sister of the Göltzsch Valley Bridge