Art Noveau in Greiz

Devastating city-wide conflagrations left few remaining historical buildings.  Two major fires in 1902 and 1908 destroyed most of the houses on Marktstrasse and Thomasstrasse.  By 1910, these two streets, displaying the most diverse aspects of Art Nouveau, were key in enriching the city's character. The stairwell in the house on Burgstrasse 5, built in 1904, is regarded as the loveliest example of floral architectural d├ęcor. The striking building on the corner of Burgstrasse and Marktstrasse exhibits a large glass mosaic, showing a metalworker at his craft, alluding to the occupation of the original owner. Additional examples portray figurative shapes, with elements of symbolism and local history.  We mention one final example, the "Tunnel Coat of Arms," on Thomasstrasse. 



The influence of Art Nouveau throughout the city gives Greiz, a member of the "ART NOUVEAU-Route," preeminence over other German cities. You will receive specific explanations about Art Nouveau during a guided tour of the historical city.