The City Church St. Marien

The church was rebuilt in 1805, after the great fire of 1802, which also destroyed its Silbermann organ.  The newly-erected tower was true to the original design, although the roof was not added until 1827.  Powerful Corinthian columns divide the interior of the three-naved church into three levels. 

On the first level, the resplendent casket of Henry VI. recalls Greizer heroes who died fighting the Turks at the Battle of Zenta in 1697. 

A richly decorated classical altar crowns the east side of this former court church.  The church received a Kreutzbach organ in 1881, which was renovated and enlarged in 1919 by the Jehmlich Brothers of Dresden.  It is one of the largest organs in the Thuringian area.



Visit the City Church St. Marien while on an organ tour, or take a guided tour of the church when an organ concert is scheduled, on the largest organ in East Thuringia.