The Greizer Park

The Greizer Park -- a scenic park of exceptional cultural and historical significance and high artistic value -- is located on the right bank of the Elster RiverIt began in 1650 as a small kitchen garden of the Upper Greiz rulers.  In the late 18th century, it was expanded into a courtly pleasure garden in the Rococo style.  After severe Elster floods, remodeling work, first started in the early 19th century, transformed the area into a natural park of the English style.  In 1873, the renowned landscape architect, Eduard Petzold of Muskau, designed the expansion and reconfiguration of the park, and Prince Henry XXII. commissioned Rudolf Reinecken to modify and carry out these plans . 


Thus arose a spacious, romantic landscape park that today encompasses 60 ha. (150 acres).  With numerous exotic and rare trees and an avian world rich in bird species, the park offers Greiz citizens and their guests pleasure and relaxation in every season. 


During a stroll around the lake, don't forget to enjoy the striking views from countless charming vantage points, which demonstrate the integration of the park with the surrounding landscape.



For your personal tour through Greizer Park, you can purchase the official guide: „Treasures of the Plant World in Greizer Park“ in the Tourist Information.