The Main Sentry Post "Old Guard House"

The main sentry post, constructed in 1819, is as impressive in its classical simplicity as is the Lower Palace, across the way.  The projecting pediment, whose façade is decorated with the large major coat of arms of the Prince Reuß Elder Line, with the abbreviation "H XIX FR“ ("Henry the Nineteenth, Prince Reuß") is borne by four Doric columns.  Two lions of the Plauen Vogte support the coat of arms.  Two cranes refer to the Kranichfeld estate (field of cranes), which temporarily belonged to the Reuß line. 

Up to the year 1866, guard duty was performed by the Reuß-Greiz military and, thereafter, by a commando of the Gera Infantry Regiment 96 until World War I. 

The sentry post became irrelevant after the Prince abdicated, following the November Revolution of 1918. The building subsequently served diverse functions, and was the tourist bureau until 1993.  Today, it houses a permanent exhibit of works by the sculptor Elly-Viola Nahmmacher.



The exhibit can be viewed when the Museum of the Lower Palace is open,
Tuesdays through Sundays, 10 a.m. to 17 p.m., Mondays closed.
Closed on:
24./25./ 31. 12., 01.01.