The Reuß Prince´s Road

invites you to an excursion along the approximately 110 km long cultural-historical vacation route of the same name through our region. 

For almost 800 years, the Reuß family and their descendants influenced the developement of the Thuringian Vogtland.  They bequeathed a significant cultural and historical legacy.  As a result, today one still finds numerous sights in the immediate area along the "Reuß Prince’s Road", where you can discover, from Hirschberg via Bad Lobenstein, Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Schleiz, Zeulenroda, Greiz, Weida, Gera, up to Bad Köstritz. The landscape of the "Reuß Prince’s Road" is formed by the foothills of the Franconian Forest and the Thuringian Slate Mountains, as well as the river valleys of the Saale, Wisenta, Weida, and White Elster.  Lakes, reservoirs, and a well-marked network of hiking trails invite one to an active relaxation.  Make a voyage of discovery on culture-historical paths and try out the numerous leisure activities and the proverbial East Thuringian hospitality. 



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