Thuringian State Archive Greiz

The archives originated from medieval chronicle depots and administrative archives from Reuß residences, above all in Gera, Greiz and Schleiz, as well as the formation of common archives of the various Reuß  lines.  Since 1647, the common archive of the Younger Line Reuß in Gera; by the end of the 18th century, the deposition of the common dynasty archives from Upper Greiz and Lower Greiz and the common dynasty archives of the Elder Line Reuß in Greiz; after 1867 the expansion of the princely dynasty archives of the Younger Line Reuß  through the combination of older dynasty and administrative archives from Gera, Schleiz, Lobenstein and Ebersdorf in Schleiz.  Until the revocation of the monarchy in both of the Reuß  principalities, therefore, state archives as well as dynasty archives in Gera, Greiz and Schleiz.

In 1920, shortly after the formation of the People’s State Reuß (1919), the Reuß State Archives were located in Greiz.  These archives contained all the older governmental and administrative archives of the Reuß State, which were united with the Greiz dynasty archives.  Following the founding of the State of Thuringia (1920), in 1923 the archive was called the Thuringian State Archive, as were all the other state archives in Thuringia (after 1926 under the direction of the Thuringian State Archive in Weimar).  After 1945, the Princely House Archive of Schleiz was added to the Greiz collection.  In 1951 the archive became a state archive (under the chief State Archive in Weimar) and, in 1965, renamed as Historical State Archive (under the State Archive Weimar), and from 1976 to 1993 was run only as a branch of the State Archive in Weimar.  In 1993 it briefly came under the control of the State Archive in Rudolstadt, but reverted to its old name of Thuringian State Archive and became independent once more in 1994.

Before 1918/20 it extended its jurisdiction over the Reuß Earldom and Principality respectively, and their prior territories in the entire Vogtland.  In the State of Thuringia, founded in 1920, the State Archive Greiz was responsible for middle and lower state administrative offices (including the county administrative offices) and, respectively, the counties of Gera, Greiz and Schleiz.  After the dissolution of the state in 1952, it served only as an historical archive in the framework of the archival organization in the GDR, and had no further impact. 

Only after 1990, in the new Free State of Thuringia, was the State Archive Greiz with its seat in Greiz County once again responsible for the middle and lower state administrative offices, and for subordinate federal administrative offices.


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