How to Reach us

Greiz is located in East Thuringia on state highways B92 and B94 near the federal Autobahn junctions A4, A9, and A72. 

 By Automobile

  • A4 Frankfurt/Main - Dresden : Connecting points Hermsdorf-Ost, Gera-Nord, Ronneburg
  • A9 Berlin - München : Connecting points Schleiz, Dittersdorf, Triptis, Hermsdorf-Süd, Eisenberg
  • A72 Chemnitz - Hof : Connecting points Plauen-Ost, Treuen, Reichenbach

   Route Planning

 By Train

 By Air

Privated plane owners may land at the airport Greiz-Obergrochlitz after making a reservation (Telephone: +49  36 61 – 30 96). 

Additional Train Information

You can obtain the current train schedule for the Vogtland Railroad in Tourist-Information.

Greizer Local Bus Service

Personen- und Reiseverkehrs GmbH Greiz (PRG)
Service Office at the Cinema Passage in Greiz

+49 (3 66 1) 31 53
Service-Nr.: 01805/ 706500