Romantic Royal Christmas in Greiz... we look forward to seeing you on december 17th 2023!

The royal residential castle is ablaze with magnificent light when the Romantic Royal Christmas casts its spell over the Lower Castle in Greiz again this year during Advent. The former residential castle of the Reuss Older Line princes from the 19th century sparkles again in royal Christmas splendour and becomes a living venue for history for one day.

The festive anticipation, historical fashion shows, Christmas fragrances, Christmas concerts, puppet theatre shows and royal pleasures create a feast for people’s senses. The entire court of the Romantic Royal Christmas is dressed in historical costumes, inspiring whole families to come and enjoy the fun in the royal castle in Greiz.

Visitors enjoy a Christmas journey back to the 18th and 19th centuries in the romantic atmosphere of the authentic historical rooms in the Lower Castle in Greiz.
The museums in the castle town and royal capital of Greiz and their supporting associations create a sense of anticipation with delights for palates, eyes and ears as far the Vogtland region and the surrounding area.

All the visitors to the Romantic Royal Christmas in Greiz can also enjoy the Lower Castle Museum with its historical rooms for the Greiz princes, the permanent exhibition and the Christmas exhibition. Our royal suppliers offer their select goods in the atmosphere of these prestigious showcase rooms.
We would particularly recommend the Christmas café in the royal gallery; it encourages people to spend time over a cup of coffee and affectionately baked cake.

Have you ever tasted a Seville orange? This bitter orange is the ancestor to our well-known sweet orange. Seville oranges were very common in the 18th century. This bitter orange gives an unmistakeable taste to the “HOT BISHOP”. The recipe for the “HOT BISHOP” comes from the collections in the museums in the castle town and royal capital of Greiz. The “HOT BISHOP“ is a kind of punch, which is only prepared in line with an original 18th-century recipe of the Greiz court confectioner Müller for the Romantic Royal Christmas.

The original “Hot Bishop“ from the royal confectioner Müller is only available at the Romantic Royal Christmas in the Lower Castle in Greiz – the residential castle of the Reuss Older Line princes and conjures up authentic 18th-century history as a delightful taste in your mouth!

The Romantic Royal Christmas in Greiz brings history to life, has pleasures for all the senses and is a unique Advent experience for PEOPLE OF ALL AGES!